Screenshot of The Week. – a bit late but never too late.

Fat Socialist

I avoid any political comments…….Except when I find them so completely, humorously true and This might be one of the SEVEN greatest laughs I had watching this movie for the very first time…..Well, maybe EIGHT or NINTH greatest laughs…….


ASK…..and you will be sorry. I am. Truly Oh Lord…..I am….

I asked just this week what is Gary Cole doing and why are we not seeing more of him??? He is great you know. Wonderful actor. Especially in comedic roles but he does drama too……So I asked that earlier in the week and I found this….Coming soon to a direct to dvd nothing near you…..

My second most anticipated movie of 2013….

And with the GREAT Ben Kingsley as the heavy I have no doubt this movie is going to be fantastic. I am very excited for this one!!! I suspect at least one of my 2 loyal readers will agree with me! Kingsley is one of the greatest acting talents of this era and I am fully eager to see him portray The Mandarin…. What say you Ray? Yeah, or Ney? I think Yeah…..yes I do….Mandarin

A fairly big scoop on Star Trek Into Darkness

Director J.J. Abrams sat down with MTV and gave a short interview about this summer’s forthcoming Star Trek sequel and innocently enough he may have let slip a key issue in the closely guarded plot of the film. He revealed personally who it is, actress Alice Eve will be playing in the movie. Does this point a finger at who Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing? You can decide for yourself but here is the short interview with Abrams where he confirms who it is Eve is playing in the film. I actually touched on this last month in a post. I thought it was a very good possibility and Abrams has now confirmed it.

I’m not sure about this one…..

But that won’t stop me from talking about it! The Creater of FX’s The Shield (starring Michael Chiklis), Shawn Ryan has been working to create another new cop-procedural for television. His new vision is actually an old vision. Ryan has been working with some serious talent (Barry Sonnenfeld and Eddie Murphy) to create a Beverly Hills Cop television show. Yep. You heard it here first and the pilot has been greenlit. We can expect to see BHC at least once later this fall. The show will air on CBS this fall and the lead role is going to played by Brandon T. Jackson who’s most famous work to date is his part in the movie Tropic Thunder (“What do you mean…you people?…”)
In the pilot, Jackson will play Aaron Foley, the son of Murphy’s Axel Foley who is a new detective in Beverly Hills dealing with cases surrounding the rich and powerful. Eddie Murphy will have a recurring role, reportedly in the pilot episode he is the Chief of The Detroit Police Department who introduces some plot threat involving his son. Barry Sonnenfeld (MIB) will be directing the pilot. Actor Kevin Pollack has just been cast to appear in the series as Rodney Daloof, the Beverly Hills PD on staff lawyer who’s job it is to keep the department from getting sued by the rich and famous. Also joining the cast is David Denman who most recently played Roy on The Office. Denman is reportedly playing a character named Brad Fullmer who is described as a “Billy Rosewood” (Judge Reinhold) type character assisting young Foley on his various cases. Beverly Hills Cop has a “guarantee” with CBS so that no matter how crappy the pilot is, the show will still air or else the studio must pay a hefty fee to the shows producers. That’s a good deal if you can get it! At the moment CBS is very happy with its other police procedural re-boot, Hawaii 5-0 so they are keen to take a chance on another unique cop show. According to sources yes, the traditional BHC humor is expected to make it into the series although as its a network production you can safely assume that it will be sanitized to within an inch of its life. Any interest? My jury is still out but I’m thinking probably not. Been there, done that.

Brandon Jackson as Aaron Foley - Beverly Hills Cop 2013

Brandon Jackson as Aaron Foley – Beverly Hills Cop 2013

Screenshot of The Week

I’ve been uncomfortably preoccupied in recent days and haven’t had much time or inclination to post. Things are easing up a bit and now I’m on the search for something interesting to post that hasn’t really been touched on much. Since I’m on the lookout for something, I thought of this screenshot of the week. Another fellow on the lookout for something interesting. Everybody should know this movie, right?

"I didn't know they could do that!"

“I didn’t know they could do that!”