World War II….Redux….

This title is said tongue in cheek, but as I was a huge fan of the original series, I am very excited to see this finally moving forward with the sincere hope they make it worthy. Yes sports fans, Hogan’s Heroes is finally coming to the big screen after lengthy creative and legal issues spanning more than a decade!
I won’t make too long a speech here but since the 1970s or so, Ruddy & Fein, the two co-creators of Hogan’s Heroes have been in a heated legal battle with Bing Crosby Productions who produced the program during its original run. The main issue, who owns the rights. Well finally after so many years the legal rights have reverted back to the owners. Mr. Fein is deceased but his estate, with the very aged Mr. Ruddy are planning to celebrate this by fast-tracking a film. Believe it or not there is a great deal of interest in seeing this movie come about. Could you imagine say, Ben Stiller as Colonel Robert Hogan? Hmmm….There isn’t any word yet on casting or production possibilities but the word I’m getting is that people are interested….Back in the early 90’s Mel Gibson was rumored to have been pushing for a Hogan film with himself in the lead role. That never happened but I think now we have an excellent chance to see something. I almost hesitate to say this….I’m on an ANTI-REMAKE kick right now…..but I still want to see Denzel do The Equalizer….and I just learned that somebody (I pray to GOD its the guys who did Death At A Funeral) wants to make a Good Times movie…but some of these re-makes interest me a great deal. This is certainly one of them.

Recently, within the last year or two I was researching the controversial film, Auto Focus, starring Greg Kinnear as Bob Krane, the actor who played Hogan in the series. His murder was never “officially” solved and for armchair criminologists its a fascinating case….while I was reading up on that legal matter I learned that the great comedic actor Wilhelm Klemperer, who played the brilliant Colonel Klink on the tv series, was Jewish. I had not known that and watching the series after learning that made the writing seem all that much more brilliant to me and it increased my respect for that show. Klemperer was born in Cologne, Germany in 1920 and sadly he passed away from the effects of cancer in 2000. I will keep you posted on this one. 🙂

Colonel Klink c. 1966

Colonel Klink c. 1966


Newest obsession. Brilliant writing….

And so many places in London I have actually seen with my own eyes….And have photos to prove it. If you are not watching BBC’s Sherlock….you should be…Reamer this note goes out to you brother. I know Dave and Tracy like this one and I believe you will too. It really is the best thing since BSG, Deadwood and Boardwalk Empire…..Minus the nudity and gross profanity….Otherwise brilliant though. This capture is from the series 2 finale: Reichanbach Falls.

Sherlock Holmes & John Watson on The Case in BBC's "Sherlock".

Sherlock Holmes & John Watson on The Case in BBC’s “Sherlock”.

You Wanted The Best….

Gene 2012

Gene 2012

Love him or hate him, I found reading this short blurb on one of my entertainment “hero’s” fascinating to quote Spock. Some call him “greedy” others say far worse about him, his music and his obsession with staying busy. Me, I simply suggest to all of you, forget that he chose rock and roll and imagine what any one of us might have accomplished if we had his drive, commitment, confidence and perseverance. As a business entity KISS is worth an estimated $5 BILLION USD. That is not an accident and nobody did it for them…..Consider that. 🙂 Enjoy this article. Its short and a bit surprising.

An Old Friend

Thrusters on full....

Thrusters on full….

Mr. Nimoy will turn 82 on March 26th. I’ve seen him live, in person one time only. Never met him. Still consider him my friend though. A constant companion through the years. Thrusters on full indeed. Live Long and continue to Prosper old friend.

Screenshot of the Week

This might be a tough one. This was one of my favorite films to watch and just enjoy. Very unique. Great novel….I guess it has a niche audience. I really like it a lot. Can you guess what this one is??

You can.....draw sounds?

You can…..draw sounds?