What will you become?…

Fans all across a galaxy far, far away and a lot closer to home are getting themselves amped up over the very first stand-alone Star Wars feature film, Rogue One.  Aside from the basic premise of the film very little is known about  the particulars of the plot or even who most of the talented cast are portraying but some facts are known, more than are revealed in the very cool teaser trailer that dropped earlier this month.

The movie was greenlit and pre-production began back in 2013, concurrent to the production of Episode VII.  Gareth Edwards is directing the film based on a screenplay by Gary Whitta.  I can’t tell you much about Mr. Whitta’s work except that he is most famous for writing the scripts for the abortion that was Will Smith’s After Earth and on the plus side, he penned the script for Denzel’s Book of Eli which was a lot better.  Edwards on the other hand is most famous for directing the Godzilla reboot a couple of years ago (I thought it was meh…) and the Godzilla 2 sequel that will go into production sometime later this year.  Both men have some other film, television and video game writing credits that aren’t all that spectacular.  Having said that, the buzz I am getting from sources is that this is going to be a fantastic movie setting the stage for an entire series of stand-alone Star Wars films that will drop every other year or so for the foreseeable future and also possibly, heralding the advent of Star Wars as a weekly television series in some form or another.  This possibility has been discussed several times since Disney acquired the Galaxy far, far away.

Rogue one tells the Story of the small group of rebels who were tasked with discovering what the empire’s new secret weapon is and then finding a way to destroy it.  Ultimately, they stole the Death Star plans that found their way to Princess Leia in A New Hope.  It is rumored we will meet a new, dangerous imperial officer, a new class of black armored storm troopers called “death troopers” and a weapon master class character that gives gun nut a whole new meaning.  It has even been suggested that Darth Vader himself will make some type of appearance in the new film.

Rogue One stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk (yes that Alan Tudyk!), Mads Mikkelsen and Forest Whitaker.   I’m sure more information will become available as the summer rolls around. Rogue One won’t drop in theaters until December 16, 2016 but until then, here’s the first teaser trailer for what will certainly be the most in demand film of the holiday season.


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