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Blade Runner fly-by

Los Angeles 2019 – Blade Runner

Blade Runner 2 is happening.  And I mean it is happening right now as I type this.  Rumors have flown across the science fiction fandom community for five years claiming Ridley Scott was working on a sequel to his seminal 1982 cult classic about a detective tracking down renegade androids in dystopian 21st century Los Angeles.  Based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, penned by legendary Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner is arguably one of the most important science fiction films ever made and certainly the finest of Dick’s works adapted for the big screen.

Blade Runner 2 is in pre-production right now over at Warner Brothers and most of the cast is locked down and ready to begin filming.  Principle lensing begins in July of 2016 with an expected release date of October 2017.  A couple short months before Episode VIII drops.   I had several requests for an updated “what’s happening now” on this highly anticipated movie so here you go in some detail.  What I’ve found out looks really good.

The movie is set to star Harrison Ford reprising his role of Rick Deckard, the android hunting detective from the first film and as of this moment, he is the only returning character from the first chapter.  Joining him is a stellar cast.  What I know is, Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling and Dave Bauttista of Guardians of The Galaxy fame are rounding out the cast as of this printing.  I have learned something that is extraordinarily interesting to the film just recently.  Warners has cast relatively unknown Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks in a  major leading role.

Sylvia Hoeks

Sylvia Hoeks

     As you can see she is stunning but what intrigues me is that she is Dutch, just like another legendary actor who appeared in the first film.  Is this a happy coincidence or something more?

     What became a shock to many expectant fans is that back in 2015, Ridley Scott was forced to drop out as the director of this film as he had too many project commitments and could not manage it.  The good news is that director Denis Villeneuve (Sicario) has stepped in to direct with Scott assuming Executive Producing credits.  The best part of it all?   The screenplay was written by Hampton Fancher, the guy who with David Peoples, co-wrote the original script.  Again, filming is set to start in July of this year.  As the summer rolls along I hope to have more information including glimmers of a possible story.  All I can tell you about this story is that Harrison Ford was doing the rounds promoting the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens and told several interviewers who asked him that Fancher’s script for Blade Runner 2 was one of the best screenplays he had ever read.  Lets keep our fingers crossed.  By the time this film releases, 35 years will have passed since the original.  Interest is still off the charts high for a new Blade Runner film.  The indications are, fans will find it worth the wait.


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