They like to get the landmarks….

Brent Spiner is back!!  –  And he’s bringing Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman along with him in the explosive new trailer for Independence Day Resurgence.  After seeing this awesome trailer I have bumped this movie up on my list of things to do this summer.  Frankly its been too long since I’ve seen Jeff Goldblum  and his awesome dialogue and I’m glad to see his re-teaming with Roland Emmerich does not not look like it will disappoint


First teaser for Antoine F’s Magnificent Seven.

I think I will have just one more post for today.  I would have added this earlier but I forgot until just now that I could add it here.  I think a Denzel movie directed by Antoine Fuqua co-starring Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke that is also a western, and is also another take on the classic Magnificent Seven is absolutely worth a look.  What do you think?

Screenshot of The Week

Ted 2 michael dorn

Michael Dorn and Patrick Warburton in Ted 2

There are some things that happen in movies that are funny without really being necessary to the movie.  Seth MacFarlane is the master of this.  Sometimes funny just happens.  Most of the time these funny moments are very carefully scripted and other times, they rely on our collective memory to spark a recollection of something else we once loved to spark humor and sometimes there is a combination of both of these factors.  Seeing Michael Dorn and Patrick Warburton as a gay couple with anger management issues in Ted 2 was I think the latter.  For kicks the pair dress up as a klingon and the Tick and attend New York Comicon to “mess with geeks” and the imagery made me laugh.  Especially at the end when the geeks ganged up on them for revenge.  Was it silly, pointless nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie?  Yep.  Was it still funny?   Yep.  It was to me.  So this week I salute Ted 2.  It was great to see Michael Dorn again, even if only for a short while.

Back from extended hiatus.

My last post was in April of 2013 if I remember correctly.  Well I have lived long (so far) and prospered (well a little) and I am getting ready to start a new chapter in life.  Having retired from one career after more than a quarter century, my wife and I are moving across the country to Washington, Utah, a magnificent place for creative thought and spectacular outdoor eye candy.  I am hopeful in the coming weeks as things calm down and I get re-aclimated to having a bit of manageable free time, that my love for movies, music and photography will find expression here.  In the likely event that I start a new, second career, I am still hopeful I can find the time to share the tidbits on movies, music and photographic awesomeness that I love.   If I can’t, then I may have to accept the possibility that i’m just a really lousy blogger…



One of THOSE guys…..another great from the golden age, gone.

I was researching something completely unrelated this afternoon and stumbled upon a news article that made me sad….Particularly so because I did not catch it at the time it happened. On December 27, 2012, barely 4 months ago, another one of “those guys” passed away. If you recall from previous entries here, “those guys” are talented, recognizable and hugely popular character actors that make classic films so much fun to watch.

Harry Carey Jr was a noted and very respected character actor who came from a long line of talented performers. His grandfather was Fuller Golden, a legendary stage and vaudeville performer of the late 19th century. His father, Harry Carey Sr was also a stage entertainer and also a silent film era star. Harry came into the business naturally.

Born Henry George Carey Jr in 1921, Harry was nicknamed “Dobe” (short for Adobe) as a child because of his rare strawberry blond (ginger) hair color, a trademark look he maintained well into his advanced years. As a young man, Carey made friends with John Ford who was already a legendary director and through Ford he became friends with John Wayne. With Ford and Wayne, Carey appeared in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon & Rio Grande, the last 2 of Ford’s great Cavalry trilogy. He also appeared in 9 more films directed by Ford including, Cheyenne Autumn, Mr. Roberts and the legendary film the Searchers that re-paired him opposite John Wayne. In fact, Carey appeared with Wayne 4 times in his career. In the 1950’s and 1960’s Carey was a staple on television, having found a huge niche in the Western genre. He appeared on Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train and even had a regular role in the Walt Disney show, Spin & Marty. Carey is one of those legendary golden age figures you see in films and go, “I know that guy!”.

In his later years, Carey joined a long cast of western greats who made comeback cameos well into their advanced years. Most of you might remember him as the aged Marshal of Tombstone in the great film Tombstone starring Kurt Russell, Powers Boothe, Michael Rooker, Bill Paxton and of course Val Kilmer. Carey is the town marshal cruelly gunned down by a stoned Curly Bill (Boothe) early on in the film. Carey married Marilyn Fix, the daughter of actor Paul Fix (known by most as the original doctor in the very first episode of star Trek, before Dee Kelly’s Doctor McCoy appeared.) They remained devoted to each other until Carey’s death just four short months ago. How I could have missed that particular bit of news escapes me but it made me very sad. During his life Carey was friends with greats like John Ford, John Wayne, Ken Curtis (Festus on Gunsmoke) and legendary western actor Ben Johnson. As an aside, a book I have now added to my Kindle que, Carey wrote a book, published in 1994. Called, “A Company of Heroes – My Life As An Actor in the John Ford Stock Company”, the book detailed his life working on 11 major motion pictures for the legendary director and his recollections of those experiences.

This week I salute Harry Carey Jr. If you happen to come across one of his films give it a viewing. Start with She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949) If not that then by all means find one of the more than 100 other films he appeared in.

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949)

She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949)

Tombsone (1993)

Tombsone (1993)

Screenshot of the….month.

Well I haven’t had much appetite for posting….But season 3 of the Walking Dead just ended and I came across this wonderful photo from early on in season 3 and thought it would make a lovely screen grab. – I hope everyone has seen the season finale. I thought it a bit anti-climactic…..Both myself and the wife figured that the 2 characters who were killed, were the ones who would die. Not a minute too soon for the one. (great actor….pain in the ass character). But then when Glen and Maggie got “engaged” and Herschel was happy….I thought, Okay….one of them is going to get killed. When that didn’t happen I was very glad. I found it surprising. So here’s to patience as a virtue, because we have to wait until September to find out what happens next. I would happily fast forward – but that means giving up spring, summer and the only decent weather we have in Cincinnati…..about 5 months worth…..Not a good ratio out of 12. Therefore, I preach patience. Enjoy the image!

Should we open this door?

Should we open this door?

World War II….Redux….

This title is said tongue in cheek, but as I was a huge fan of the original series, I am very excited to see this finally moving forward with the sincere hope they make it worthy. Yes sports fans, Hogan’s Heroes is finally coming to the big screen after lengthy creative and legal issues spanning more than a decade!
I won’t make too long a speech here but since the 1970s or so, Ruddy & Fein, the two co-creators of Hogan’s Heroes have been in a heated legal battle with Bing Crosby Productions who produced the program during its original run. The main issue, who owns the rights. Well finally after so many years the legal rights have reverted back to the owners. Mr. Fein is deceased but his estate, with the very aged Mr. Ruddy are planning to celebrate this by fast-tracking a film. Believe it or not there is a great deal of interest in seeing this movie come about. Could you imagine say, Ben Stiller as Colonel Robert Hogan? Hmmm….There isn’t any word yet on casting or production possibilities but the word I’m getting is that people are interested….Back in the early 90’s Mel Gibson was rumored to have been pushing for a Hogan film with himself in the lead role. That never happened but I think now we have an excellent chance to see something. I almost hesitate to say this….I’m on an ANTI-REMAKE kick right now…..but I still want to see Denzel do The Equalizer….and I just learned that somebody (I pray to GOD its the guys who did Death At A Funeral) wants to make a Good Times movie…but some of these re-makes interest me a great deal. This is certainly one of them.

Recently, within the last year or two I was researching the controversial film, Auto Focus, starring Greg Kinnear as Bob Krane, the actor who played Hogan in the series. His murder was never “officially” solved and for armchair criminologists its a fascinating case….while I was reading up on that legal matter I learned that the great comedic actor Wilhelm Klemperer, who played the brilliant Colonel Klink on the tv series, was Jewish. I had not known that and watching the series after learning that made the writing seem all that much more brilliant to me and it increased my respect for that show. Klemperer was born in Cologne, Germany in 1920 and sadly he passed away from the effects of cancer in 2000. I will keep you posted on this one. 🙂

Colonel Klink c. 1966

Colonel Klink c. 1966